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Financial world is very complex. Funds, investments, loans and mortgages, insurances and liabilities, stock markets... Quite easy to get lost in any of these topics.

It's sad but true that most schools fail to provide an adequate financial education for young kids. As a result, a shocking amount of people find themselves caught in all sorts of financial trouble - late payments, bankruptcies, foreclosures and credit card debt to name a few. And what about stock market? It is unbelievable how many adults those days treat it as a lottery, without understanding the basic principles of how it operates. Let alone mortgage rate calculation...

Our mission is to patch this huge hole in financial education. MoneyOrc team made an enormous effort to divide complex financial system into comprehensible pieces, extracting all the fundamentals and creating simplified versions of them.

We want our children to feel comfortable in the world of finances. We don't expect all of them to become financial analysts or bankers. But regardless of what they choose to be, our kids will have to deal with bank accounts, credit cards, loans, car insurances, home mortgages, investment funds, retirement plans and many more aspects of financial system. Let's make sure they are prepared to take educated decisions regarding their financial future!
Our Team
Lugdum Daggerfal
CEO - Chief Executive Orc
Mr. Daggerfal is well known far outside of MoneyOrc for his strong leadership abilities. Very authoritative and fair, with excellent organizational skills and ability to define company goals and adhere to them - that's what helps him earn ultimate respect amongst everyone who has ever worked with him. Lugdum always follows his 3 favorite rules:
  • Never give up
  • First things first
  • If it takes less than 2 minutes, do it right now
Ogol Kaboomhack
CTO - Chief Technology Orc
Creativity and constant experiments with new technologies, combined with very hands-on personality and multiplied by outstanding leadership capabilities - that is the best description of our Ogol. He is always up to date with existing technologies and technology trends. Very involved in all the engineering activities, Mr. Kaboomhack does not mind rolling his sleeves up and joining engineers or technical crew in any kind of work. His number one rule is - "Do it right the first time".
Balagog Kerghug
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Excellent communication skills has always been key to becoming a successful salesperson. And we thought we knew what that means. Until we met Balagog. He can explain anything to anyone! Very versatile with a great sense of humor, extraordinarily erudite, master of compliments - he instantly becomes everyone's best friend. Deeply informed about marketing trends, Mr. Kerghug is highly respected for his out-of-the-box thinking and great ideas.
Voltha Shadowkey
CFO - Chief Financial Orc
Working with confidential financial data her whole life, Mrs. Shadowkey is rarely seen outside of her office. Exceptionally pedantic and detail-oriented, she never lets a mistake get into a report. Apart from making sure that MoneyOrc is in a good financial state, Voltha brings her unique accounting experience into the product. Whenever you apply for a MoneyOrc virtual loan or investment, contributing into funds or using stock market - there is a piece of knowledge from her.
Karthurg Morrowind
CIO - Chief Information Orc
Warrior by his nature, Karthurg has always being on the front line of defense. Countless cyber-wars and battles made his mentality super strong and cold as ice. Spending most of his life defending mission critical systems from cyber attacks, he knows everything about network security and data protection. "Don't just fix problems. Prevent them." - was the first policy that Mr. Morrowind established since he joined MoneyOrc. And now we have fully developed and constantly monitored IT infrastructure. With him on board, our customers can rest assured that all existing security measures have been taken to protect their safety.
Board of Advisers
Shaktilar Zevrij
Being a troll not only by his nature, but also by profession, Shaktilar is an excellent psychologist. Despite avoiding publicity, he is well known in many online communities and public resources. "Trolling is my second nature, while my first nature is being a troll" says Mr. Zevrij about himself.

4 times winner of Golden Troll Face award, 18 times winner of Troll of the Year award, Shaktilar spends most of his time in a comfortable place under the bridge, constructing psychological games and analyzing behavioral patterns.
Minaives Folred
Market Researcher
As most elves, Ms. Folred is closely connected to various communities and groups. Passion for travel, extraordinary sharp hearing, night vision, exceptional ability to stay up to date with all the trends and events - these are just a few of Minaive's talents that made her the best market researcher. Since Ms. Folred joined MoneyOrc advisory board, we have never missed an important trend or occasion.
Whumrud Treasurewealth
Bank Treasurer
After more than a century in gold mines, where Whumrud started as miner just like any other dwarf, he suddenly realized that his is capable of something much higher. Well, at least above the ground. After another century of extraordinarily successful career, Mr. Treasurewealth holds a position of The Chief Treasurer at Global Treasury Bank. Extremely knowledgeable, highly accurate and unbelievably organized, Mr. Treasurewealth advises MoneyOrc on all aspects related to accounting, as well as some legal matters.
Krushkonk Dumpgleam
Stock Market Analyst
Using his outstanding brute force intuition, Mr. Dumpgleam was one of the Famous Four goblins who designed and seamlessly executed the Great Stock Crush back in 982. "We learned a lot" reticently commented Krushkonk that event. It is unclear whether this comment is related to the crush itself, or to what happened after, but MoneyOrc is very proud to have such a knowledgeable goblin on its advisory board.
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